Childhood as it should be.

We aim to empower a generation of bold explorers who grow meaningful connections to themselves, their community and the natural world through play.

We are a constituted community group managed by a small team of volunteers living in and around Boscombe.

About Us

As part of the #summerofplay we’ll be popping up in and around BCP for children and families to enjoy. Event details are posted on our Facebook page.

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As playworkers we resource play spaces with “loose parts”. These are everyday objects used in extraordinary ways when children lead their own play.

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Our founder, Adele Cleaver, is publishing a memoir about parenthood and playwork on 1st July 2021. All profits are being donated to Big Blue Play.

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Why free play is important

Play is a process. There isn’t a thing to make, instructions to follow, or something to take home at the end of a session (except memories and endorphins). Children’s brains evolve when they play freely without instructions from an adult.

At our Pop Up Playgrounds you can expect:

  • Children leading their own play
  • Random ‘stuff’ to play with
  • A mix of ages playing together
  • Each child respected as an individual with their own unique ways to play
  • Adults taking a step back (but available to help when asked or deemed necessary)
  • Free entry


Thank you for giving the permission to take a step back, observe and relax’

Parent, Family Nature Play workshop


“The challenge for me is how to build time for this [outdoor play] during the course of busy weeks, especially when work is super demanding”

Parent, Family Nature Play workshop

Play freely

“Letting the children play freely is surprisingly quiet, gentle and slow”

Parent, Family Nature Play workshop

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Photos credit: Parks 4 Play